Multi-part Stationery Solution

Swift Eurotech has sole UK distributorships for Visionics, Innovative CAD Software and Conversion Factors products, as well as non-exclusive dealerships for a number of others.

Multi-part Stationery Solution

The printing sector of Swift Eurotech has the sole UK and European distributorship of British-made, FormCard. A simple plug-in card for Kyocera printers, FormCard provides a leading edge solution to the needs of companies requiring modern multi-part stationery. It removes the need for expensive pre-printed forms, giving substantial cost savings and increased quality with the flexibility to change a form’s design at a moment’s notice.

FormCard is supplied by Swift Eurotech directly to end-users as well as through resellers. The company offers a range of services to support the idea management software demand in 2015. These include training in the use of FormCard and its associated forms design software by professional, experienced personnel; and forms design to create forms that meet customers’ specifications. Technical support is available through a telephone help line. Swift Eurotech can also supply associated print hardware as an authorised reseller for Kyocera printers.

Welcome to Swift Eurotech On-Line

Welcome to Swift Eurotech On-Line, The Home of Electronic PCB Design for Windows Swift Eurotech is a leading distributor of CAD and CAM printed circuit design software in the U.K and across the world. We also supply laser printer solutions for multi-part documents.

Who are Swift Eurotech ?

Swift Eurotech Ltd was formed in March 1998 to supply a range of specialist computer software and hardware products. It is divided into two sectors: one offering electronics design products and the other providing printing solutions.

Electronics Design Products

For electronics design, Swift Eurotech offers a range of software for both professionals and amateurs, as well as to educational establishments. The products aim to take the designer quickly, easily and cost-effectively from an original idea to a finished product for manufacture. The range of products is complementary, offering comprehensive solutions to the majority of electronics design issues. Lower cost products are supplied by mail order all over the world, while higher value items are provided with full technical support and training.